The following are links to sites that may be of interest to test professionals.

Disclaimer: The ASTE provides the links below as a courtesy to our members in hopes that the information available here can further their careers. The posting of these web sites does not constitute an endorsement by the ASTE of the activities or products from these organizations.

Stay abreast of the latest developments in the field of electronic test and manufacturing. Most subscriptions are FREE to qualified test professionals.

Testing Experience
Online automated software testing magazine created by Jose Diaz.
The magazine covers the daily experiences of testers and provides a platform for test professionals on the topics and trends around their fields of interest. In addition, the magazine is intended to be both: a magazine and a platform for discussion.“testing experience” is the challenge of producing a high-quality magazine for professional testers made by and issued for people involved in testing.

Design News
Design News is the leading technical resource for design engineers, who create everything from planes, trains and automobiles to cellular phones, medical devices, and just about every other product on the planet.

ECN Magazine
ECN is the magazine that provides product solutions for design engineers in the electronics industry. Engineers turn to ECN because they know it's a credible source for new product information and technology. Frequency: 15 issues a year. Available in print or digital format. Go to for details.

For the latest in optical technology and testing issues.

Network Computing - Provides lab-tested solutions for your toughest enterprise-wide computing challenges.

StickyMinds - online software test automation magazine. Very good articles.

Test & Measurement World Online
Covers the electronics testing industry, providing information for engineers who test, measure, and inspect electronic devices, components, and systems.

CED Magazine
Cable Television, Broadband and Telecommunications.

Telecommunications Magazine
Magazine of choice for those involved in the Telecommunications industry.

Focuses on Fiber Optic Technology

Microwaves & RF
For engineers involved with the design of high-frequency, high-speed components, systems, and test equipment. Covering electronic designs from about 1 MHz through optical wavelengths.

Electronics Engineering Times
Delivers a combination of business and technology news and provide analysis of trends, events and market forces-factors impacting the product development process, as well as the careers of the engineers and managers involved.

Evaluation Engineering
For engineers and engineering managers responsible for test and total product quality in electronics.

Nuts & Volts
Electronics for hobbyist. Articles on amateur radio, cellular communications, scanning, computers, amateur robotics, lasers, and more along with build-it-yourself electronics projects

Test Engineering & Management
Environmental Test (shock, vibration, temperature)

  NEPCON Conferences - Information
The ASTE is an official supporter of the Nepcon show and participant in Test Sessions.

  Comware Technical Services
A.T.E. Solutions, Inc.

Equipment Reliability Institute (ERI)
Test Equipment Solutions
Test Mart

Resources for the most popular instrument drivers.

Agilent Technologies (Hewlett Packard) provides instrument drivers for Agilent and other instruments.

National Instruments
provides drivers for GPIB, VXI, serial and computer-based instruments.



  Hardware Business strategy source for electronics contract manufacturing outsourcing and offshoring. provides printed circuit board assembly best practices and PCB box build and systems integration benchmarking information and related supply chain knowledge to help decision-makers. is the oldest and largest web resource devoted to electronic design, specifically embedded systems, realtime, and dsp. founded in late 1994, indexes the free and non-commercial design information on the net, summarizes the over 800 vendor companies that make up this marketplace, and organizes the content of major chip companies and third party vendors into a searchable "design tool" for ee's and designers.

InterfaceBus.Com. An Indexed listing of Electronic Engineering Component and OEM Equipment Manufactures


Software, tools and utilities for professionals and developers.

Testing Excellence Software Test Automation website.

The EE Compendium This site provides tons of useful information for professional electronics engineers, students, and hobbyists.

Software Testing Stuff This may not be the best testing web site out there ... but, it links to many that are!

Century Soar Technology Company sells a library of ActiveX controls for building instrument panels for $350. Controls include graphs, panel meters, and analog-style meters.

Global Majic Software
Company has created a neat ActiveX Library for creating real-time simulations and virtual instruments. The company's Instrumentation ActiveX Library (IAL) -- is the tool of choice in the process control, scientific, engineering, simulation, and data acquisition communities. This feature rich package contains 11 common instrumentation controls including Strip Chart, Angular Gauge, Knob, and many others.

One of the net's best sites for developers, not just IT professionals. Good Q&A sections, as well as, links to other resources.

C/Net An engineer's paradise! Tons of FREE software for immediate download.

Nerd's Heaven Very comprehensive shareware directory.

Visual Basic Web Directory Valuable information for VB users.

ActiveX Resource ActiveX Control Library

  Find a job, post a position opening. You'll be amazed how many employment opportunities are available through the Internet! Note: You may want to visit these sites on your home PC.

Headhunter.Net Everything you ever wanted to know about changing jobs, but were afraid to ask!

Internet salaries, building an online career.

Careerbuilder.Com Salary negotiations, interviewing tips, etc.

Monsterboard.Com You've seen the TV ads, now visit the website.

  USB Central
Another Lakeview Research creation. The site contains links to technical information and an article on USB development.


provides IEEE 488 bus and data-acquisition tutorials.

Parallel Port Central

Everthing you ever wanted to know about the PC parallel port, but were afraid to ask.

Charles Spurgeon's Ethernet Web Site
Excellent resource for those dealing with IEEE 802.3 Ethernet interfaces.


Engineering reference material and training resources.

Green Supply Line
For the latest info on RoHS/WEEE Compliance and Testing.

MechEng Calculations
A new free website which offers on-line computing in Mechanical
Engineering and related disciplines. It provides mechanical and allied
engineers and technologists with the ability to perform medium-complexity
computations, graphics and data access online.

There are currently 62+ calculators (all free), and new ones will be added
about every month. The areas covered in both SI & US customary units
include: machine mechanics, dynamics, design, material stresses, fluid flow, heat transfer, thermodynamics, vibrations, beam flexure, economics, units
conversion, etc.

PetEng Calculations
Petroleum Engineering calculations.

Instruments and Supplies Resources
Science-Lab.Com - Directory of Instruments and Supplies related websites.

Test & Diagnostics Consortium
Test & Diagnostics Consortium The Test and Diagnostics Consortium (TDC) is an organization that unites diverse industries like medical, automotive, satellite, railroad, trucking, and defense to better develop new products and to improve support of existing products. Industries and companies that are significant users of test and diagnostics equipment have banded together to form the TDC, which will bring together both suppliers and users in a mutually beneficial forum. TDC members work together and optimize the test & diagnostic environment through communication of business, technology, and member-oriented issues.

ATE World
ATE World is the first and only online community for Automatic Test Equipment professionals (ATE Board Test). It serves as a centralized clearinghouse for ATE industry information. ATE World provides a platform for its members to share information.

Web Tutorials The IEC Web ProForum tutorials feature the latest technical issues of vital concern to engineers. Topics cover a wide range of subjects including Fiber Optics, VoIP, Wireless and Fax Testing. Hundreds of thousands of key professionals use the IEC Web site every year.

The Technit site contains circuit diagrams for first-order and second-order filters. You’ll also find pinouts for numerous computer buses. Pinouts include standard buses such as PCI, but include many proprietary buses, too

Electronics Tutorials
The brain-child of Ian C. Purdie, an Austrialian ham radio enthusiate. The information contained on the site is FREE, with over 120 individual electronics tutorials topics covering a very wide range of electronics.

Semiconductor Test Resources
Site dedicated to serving semiconductor test needs, and contains links to a variety of sites that can help you solve a semiconductor test problem. is an industry portal site bringing together providers and users of the products, services, and information related to electronics manufacturing. started in 1995 as a small list directory of companies and has grown to be an important part of the industry it serves today.

Test & Measurement Online
Resource for the Test and Measurement Industry. is a leading online provider of technical reference information for the worldwide community of design engineers and currently offers product information from some 300 manufacturers worldwide. The company's sponsors include Texas Instruments, Motorola, Hitachi, Siemens, Samsung, Atmel Corporation, Hamilton Hallmark and Galvantech. For more information visit the QuestLink Web site at

RF Globalnet
RF Globalnet is one of the Internet's leading source of cutting-edge technical information for the RF/microwave design community. If you are an RF/microwave design engineer or engineering manager involved in the design and development of wireless, military, and other radio-based communication systems, subsystems, and components, you now have access to a comprehensive web community delivering the latest technical information.
TechOnLine is the premier destination for electrical engineers worldwide in search of an online source for free interactive educational courses and comprehensive technical information.

Manual Merchant
Company buys and sells original manuals which support the operation, programming, calibration, and servicing of electronic test and measurement equipment.

ASTE Atlanta Chapter

The Society of Women Engineers

Audio Engineering Society
Institute of Environmental Sciences & Technology
The Americian Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

Boston Chapter of the IEEE
International Test & Evaluation Association

International Society for Optical Engineering
Surface Mount Technology Association
American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Shock and Vibration Information & Analysis Center
Human Factors and Ergonomics Society
Consortium for Advanced Manufacturing International
American Society for Testing and Materials


The Museum of HP Calculators
The Museum of HP Calculators displays and describes Hewlett-Packard calculators introduced from 1968 to 1986 plus a few interesting later models. There are also sections on calculating machines and slide rules as well as sections for buying and selling HP calculators, an HP timeline, collecting information and a software library.

Museum of Pocket Calculating Devices
This Unusual Museum site is owned by Gerhard Wenzel in Germany. Very interesting informatin to be found. How do you get an abacuse into a pocket protector?

The University of Virginia Computer Museum
Conceived and created by UV Professor Gabriel Robins.The museum contains various computer-related artifacts, both historical and modern. Punch tapes, vacuum tubes, computer boards, etc.

The Museum of Tek Scopes
A real blast from the past! If you're an older engineer, this will bring back some memories. If you're a newbie, you'll learn how important vacuum tubes were.

Gary Arnold's Novelty Transistor Radios
Jimmy Carter Peanut radio?

Electronics Zone

This site contains lots of FREE electronic circuits (schematics) & do-it-yourself (DIY) circuit diagrams for hobbyists, students,professionals etc. covering a wide range of categories in electronics like audio, music,home/garden related,computer hardware,radio,robotics etc to name a few.