ASTE Awards Final $5,000 Scholarship

The last ASTE/NEPCON Test Engineering Scholarship awards again go
to two Northeastern University graduate students for $2500.00 each as follows:

1. Mariam M.M. Momenzadeh for her collaboration on a paper entitled,
"A Digital and Wide Power Bandwidth H-Field Generator for Automatic Test
This paper was published in "DFT" 2003.

2. Jong-Jin Lim for his collaboration on a paper entitled, "Analysis and
Measurement of Timing Jitter Induced by Radiated EMI Noise in Automatic
Test Equipment".
The paper was published in the IEEE Transactions on
Instrumentation and Measurement, Dec 2003.

ASTE and NEPCON would like to congratulate the winners and will present
them with these scholarships at the NEPCON East 2004 coming up at
the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, in early May of this year.

ASTE would like to take this opportunity to thank NEPCON and the
Reed Corporation for making the funds for these test related scholarships
available. In the past 5 years ASTE awarded these scholarships to
10 deserving students at three major US Universities totaling $25,000.00.